Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Customary festival of Rajasthan - Ganguar

Ganguar is the traditional festival of Rajasthan. This festival is celebrated in the month of April-May. It is basically the festival of maidens and married women and is dedicated to Goddess Gauri, the incarnation of Goddess Parvati. It is celebrated with great excitement, pomp and gaiety. It lasts for about 16 days in which various customs are practiced and on the last day the enthusiasm of the women is likely to be observed. Women dress in their best costumes and jewellery. Colorful processions are taken out with the wooden images of Gauri, beautifully decorated and bejeweled . Maidens expects to blessed to have a desired husband while women pray for the long life of their husband. The town band is played and women sing and dance to its tunes. The erstwhile Maharawal also joins the procession.