Thursday, October 30, 2008

BANSWARA (City of Hundred Islands)

General information:
Founded by      :  Maharawal Jagmal Singh
Famous as         :  City of hundred Islands
Location            :  North western India, Southern part of the                                   state -South to Jaipur, about 527 Km from                                   Jaipur and 827 Km from Delhi
                                  About 170km from Delhi
Language          :  Hindi and Rajasthani
Weather             :  Summer -about 42°C - 25°C,
                                 Winter- about 22° C - 0°C,
                                 Rainy Season – very humid (July – Mid
Clothing             :  Summer – Light cotton clothes,
                                 Winter – Woolens

Best Season       :  September - March
to Visit

By air                      :  Nearest Airport - Udaipur( about 160 Km)
By Train                :  Nearest railhead Ratlam Junction (about 80Km)
By road                  :  Direct road connection with Jaipur, Ratlam,                                      Dungarpur and Dohad
Places to see:
        Shri Raj Mandir      –  Royal Palace
        Anand Sagar Lake –  An artificial lake also known as Bai Talab,                                                  a Couple of holy tree 'KalpVriksha' is that
                                                 present here is famous as the trees                                                  that fulfill the desire of the visitors.
        Dialab Lake             –  beautiful Lake with Lotus flowers
        Badal Mahal            -  A summer residence of former rulers, on
                                                the embankment of Dialab Lake.

        Abdulla Pir               -  A shrine of Bohara Muslim Saint, Abdul
                                                Rasul. An annual Muslim Fair is held                                                 here at the time of Urs.
        Madareshwar          -  Lord Shiva temple inside a natural cave of                                                  high hills.
        Mahi Dam                 -  A part of Mahi Bajaj Sagar Project
        Kagdi pickup           - Beautiful fountain garden.
        Ram Kund                -  a deep cave under the hills. It is said that                                                   Lord Rama lived here Lord Rama                                                   during his exile period.
        Bhim Kund               -   It’s said that Pandavas lived here during
                                                 their exile.
        Sitamata Wildlife   -  includes large variety of animals,         Sanctuary                    reptiles and fish.

       Talwara                       -  Religious site with Temples of Sun God,                                                    Lord Amaliya Ganesh, Laxmi                                                   Narayan, Jain temple of Sambharnath
       Tripura Sundari       -  One of the Shakti Peeth of Hindus and
                                                  dedicated to Goddess Tripura
                                                  Sundari or Turtia Mata.
       Paraheada                  -  Shiv temple of 12th century
        Cheench                     -  Brahma Temple having black stone statue                                                    of the deity.
        Arthuna                     -  Complex of ancient temples built in 11th                                                    and 12th century


        Famous articles              -  Tribal Jewelry, Mojaries
        Shopping Place                -  Main market

Fairs and Festivals:
        Baneshawar Fair      -  Biggest tribal fair held at Baneshawar (60                                                     km) on the confluence of River                                                     Mahi, Som and Jhakham.

        Ghodi Ranchodji      -  Held on the bank of river Mahi

        Ghotia Amba Fair    -  Five days fair held at Ghotia Ambe Dham                                                     Temple.

        Mangarh Fair             -  Important tribal fair to pay tribute to                                                     Govind Guru, Founder of                                                    Samp Sabha.
        Aamligyaras               -  Held at Ghodi Ranchod, Bhim Kund                                                     etc.Bhills attend it armed with bows,                                                     arrows and swords.


                                                Surya Palace Hotel
                                                Raj Hotel
                                                Hotel Ashoka Palace
                                                Hotel Keshav
                                                Hotel Palaza

Banswara is also known as ‘City of Hundred Islands’ as many of the islands are present in the Mahi river. The name is derived from bans means bamboo shoots as bamboos were used to grow in abundance here in earlier times. The region is also famous for deep jungles that are inhabited by Panther and for rich flora and fauna. The slopes of Aravalli hills found here are the home to many plants as well as wild animals. Banswara is one of the best examples of Rajput architecture.

Tuesday, October 07, 2008

ALWAR CITY (The Land of Tigers)

General information:
Founded by:      Pratap Singh Prabhakar                                Bahadur
Other name:      Ulwar, Alor
Location:            About 150km from Jaipur
                               About 170km from Delhi
                               Lies amidst cluster of small ranges of Aravalli
Spoken:               English, Hindi and Rajasthani
Weather:             Summer – about 24 º C -37º C,
                               Winter- about 11 º C -31º C,
                                Rainfall- Humid (63.5 cm)
Clothing:             Summer – Cotton,
                               Winter – Light Woolens

Best Season:        September - March
to Visit

By air:                    Jaipur is the nearest
By Train:               Well connected from all major cities of India.
By road:                 regular bus services to and from Delhi, Jaipur and                                   all major cities of Rajasthan.

Places to see:        The Alwar Fort
                                    The Bala Fort
                                    City Palace (Vinay Vilas Mahal)
                                    Government Museum
                                    Moosi Maharani Ki Chhatri (Built in memory of                                     Queen Moosi, who committed Sati)
                                    Purjan Vihar or Company Garden
                                    Tomb of Fateh Jang
                                    Vijay Mandir Palace
                                    Jai Samand Lake (the large artificial lake built by                                     Maharaja Jai Singh in 1910)
                                    Siliserh Lake & Palace
                                    Sagar (Behind City Palace, artificial lake built in                                     1815 A.D. by Maharaja Vinay Singh)
                                    Sariska (Great mythological, religious and                                     historical significance)
                                    Sariska Tiger Reserve and National Park                                     (Sanctuary)
                                    Sariska Palace

Shopping Center:
                               Hope Circus, Sarafa Bazar, Bazaza Bazar, Malakhera                                Bazaar, Kedalgang Bazar

Two star:              Hotel Aravalli
Haritage:              Sariska Palace, Neemrana Fort Palace, Hill Fort,
Hotels                     Kesroli(Delhi Road)

RTDC Hotels:      Hotel Meenal (Circuit house), Tiger Den (Sariska),                                 Lake Palace (Siliserh), Midway.

OTHERS:              Hotel Alwar, Mayur, Jhankar, Inderlok Classic,                                  Tourist Hotel Ashoka

Restaurants:         Dawat (Manu Marg), South Indian café,                                   Siddhartha, Prem Pavitra Bhojnalya,                                    Mahaveer Bhojnalya, Café Alishan

Local Fairs:            Bilali Fair (March-April), Sawan Teej                                    (August) ,Chuhar Sidh (Main fair) Laldas Maila                                     (May), Jagannathji Fair, Sahibji ka Maila                                    (July), Bhartrihari (August) with great                                     Zeal.

Alwar is an ancient city and one of the oldest in the State. Its numerous pre-historic and historic sites are an archaeologist’s delight. It is also a paradise for nature lovers and wildlife enthusiasts, as the hilly terrain is dotted with lush green deciduous forests and lakes.