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Chittaurgarh (The Citadel of Valour & Romance)

General information :

Famous as         :   The Citadel of Valour & Romance ; The City Of
Location            :  Eastern Rajasthan , 135km from Jaipur
                                 (southwest )
Temperature    :  Summer - 23.8 °C - 43.8°C,
                                 Winter - 11.6 °C - 28.3 °C,
                                 Rainy Season – 60-80 cm. (June- August)
Clothing             :  Summer – Light cotton clothes,
                                 Winter – Woolens
Language          :   Rajasthani, Hindi, English
Best Season       :   September to March
to Visit


By air                      :   Nearest airport is at Udaipur (Debok Airport),
                                      (Well connected to Jaipur, Delhi , Mumbai and
By Train                :   well connected to Delhi,Jaipur,Ajmer,
                                      Ahmedabad, Jodhpur, Udaipur, Kota and
                                     Bundi.Railway station centrally located.
By road                  :   well connected to the main cities including                                       Indore and Ahmedabad. Regular services
                                      are available from main cities of Rajasthan


Places to see:

   The Fort -    one of the most outstanding forts of the Country
                          and is indeed the pride of Rajasthan. It is believed
                         to be built by the Maurya Empire.

   Kirti stambh ( Tower of Fame) -   22m high. It is dedicated to
                         Adinath ( the first Jain Tirthankar)

   Jaya Stambh (Tower of Victory)-    Constructed between 1458-
                         1468 by Rana Kumbha.The tower commemorates
                         the victory of Rana Kumbha over Mahmud Khilji
                          of Malwa.

    Padmini Place -   It is said that this is the same palace where
                         Alauddin was permitted to see the glimpse of Rani
                          Padmini (as the reflection in the mirror).

     Nagari -   famous township of Mauryan Era on the bank of river
                         Bairach, one of the oldest town of Rajasthan.

    Government Museum -   This is the Prakash Mahal that has been
                          turned into museum Temples and buildings in the
                          fort displays superb example of sculptures.
    Meera Temple  


    Sitamata Sanctuary -   spread over Aravalli hills and the Malwa.
                         A number of fauna as Sambhar, nilgai, leopard, wild
                          boar,hyena, jungle fox etc. could be sighted here.
                         The exclusive fauna seen here is the flying

    Menal (90 km) -   renowned as ‘Mini Khajauraho’. Looks
                         beautiful due to the nature’s beauty, waterfalls,
                         forests and ancient temples.

    Deogarh (125km) -    Famous for the murals of the palaces and
                         Jain temples.

    Gotmeshwar (130km) –    Lord’s Shiva ancient temple along with
                         other temples.

    Bassi Wildlife Sanctuary –    near Bassi village covers an area of
                         about 50 kms.


  Famous articles-

              -   The handicraft items made in this region, are very
               - Wooden painted toys,Thewa gold jewellery, Akola printed                          fabrics, leather juttees (made in Gangrar)
              -   Handmade Paper of Gosunda (about 20 kms)

  Shopping Place

                The main shopping center are Sadar Bazar
                Rana Sanga Market, Gandhi Chowk, Station circle.

                Hotel Panna, Chetak Hotel, Melody ,
                Rituraj Vatika, Meera Hotel.

Government :
         Circuit house ,
         Dak Banglow
         RTDC Hotel Panna

Heritage hotels :
         Castle Bijaipur,
         Bassi Fort Palace,

Moderate :
         Padmini Palace
         Pratap Palace ,
         Shalimar, Gaurav

Other :
         NataRaj Tourist Hotel , Hotel Alok,
         Hotel Anand, Bhagawati, Swagat,
         Hotel Keshav, Hotel Sanwariya,
         Meera Guest House, Hotel Ruchika.

Dharamsalas :
         Tulsi, Jain, Birla,
         Maheshwari, Sanwariya,

Chittorgarh ‘the town of brave’ was the capital of “Mewar”, the former Rajput state. Many of the great historic personalities as Maharana Pratap, Rana Kumbha, Meera Bai, Panna Dhai, Rani Padmini have been originated here. Besides that its fort which is situated atop of a hill represents its glorious past. It is also known for the marble industry, Cement plant and also for the industrial materials.


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