Monday, November 24, 2008

Lohgarh (Iron Fort) of Bharatpur

Iron Fort or Lohgarh Fort was built in 18th century and is true to its name. It was visualized and designed by the founder of Bharatpur, Maharaja Suraj Mal. He constructed the fort in such a way so as to withstand the attack of enemy. The Lohgarh Fort or Iron Fort is an example of the best architecture that is famous for its strength and potency. This fort is quite different from the other forts of the state. There is no pomposity attach to this fort. It withstood the British attacks and faced the British harass four times. After a long seize British had to withdraw. This fort frustrated them a lot and sustained itself due to its impenetrable defense.
The construction work was started at the time of Maharaja Bandan Singh, the father of Maharaja Suraj Mal, in the year 1930. It took about twenty years in its finish. Maharaja Suraj Mal had taken over the throne by its completion. It is said that since its foundation this fort was never invaded. The main feature that made it different is the deep gorge surrounding the fort and the sandy ramparts. The surrounding gorge is about 100 feet wide and 60 feet deep. It is used to be filled with water to ward off the enemy attacks. The sandy ramparts were strengthened by sandy battlements, which made the guns of enemy ineffective. Besides this a high mud wall protects it from any attack. In 1804 Lord Lake detained this fort. It generates a sensation of strength and magnificence.
There are some fine monuments in the fort as Kishori Bagh, Mahal Khas and Kothi Khas and also some towers in the ramparts adds to its beauty as Jawahar Burj, Fateh Burj etc. that were erected to commemorate the victory over the Mughals and the British army. The gateway is made of eight-metal called Ashtadhatu and is adorned with the paintings of huge elephants. Today the Iron fort houses an extensive museum also in which the visitors can view swords, draggers, gun of a large variety like double barrel guns, long barrel guns, revolvers, safety shields and many more. In addition to this many antique articles like hunted cubs, tigers, deer, wood articles jewelery, hand fans, ornaments stone vessels of old time could also viewed here. One should not miss this masterpiece of architecture while Rajasthan travel as it offers much more than the expectations.

Sunday, November 09, 2008

Bharatpur (Eastern Gateway to Rajasthan)

General information:
Founded by      :  Maharaja Suraj Mal in 1733 A.D.
Regarded as      :  Eastern Gateway to Rajasthan
Well-known      :  Keoladeo Ghana National Park (Especially
for                             Siberian Cranes, variety of egret, heron,
                                   stork and other birds)
Location            :  Northeast of Rajasthan, from Jaipur about 176 km                                   and about184 km from Delhi Language          :  Hindi, Rajasthani, Urdu & Sindhi
Spoken                  Somewhere English
Weather            :  Summer -about 45°C - 35°C,
                                 Winter- about 31° C - 7°C,
                                 Rainy Season – very humid (38 to 62 cm.),
                                 July - Mid September
Clothing             :  Summer – Light cotton (tropical) clothes,
                                 Winter – Woolens clothes
Best Season     :  November - March
to Visit

By Air                      :  Nearest airport is Agra (55 km), Mumbai,
By Train                  :  Well connected with many cities on
                                     Delhi-Mumbai route, Jaipur and Agra.
By Road                  :  Well connected by roads with Agra, Delhi,                                      Jaipur, Mathura and other cities

Shopping Areas         :  Mathura Gate, Chauburja Bazar, Laxman                                             Mandir, Ganga Mandir
Famous                         :  Items with marble carvings and Brass work
Articles                             Antique items
                                             Jewelry (made of precious and semi-
                                             precious stones)
                                             Textile Jaipur Print (Bandhej, tie and dye

Places to see:
Keoladeo National   :  The park is regarded as a paradise for the
Park                                    avian world and pilgrimage for the
                                             bird lovers.
Lohagarh                      :  Iron Fort that sustained a numerous
                                             British attacks and withstood the ravages
                                             of time.
Government               :  Ancient and traditional architecture
The Palace                    :  reflects fusion of Mughal and Rajput
                                             architectural style.

       Deeg                       :  Used to be royal summer resort of
                                           Bharatpur rulers, include beautiful gardens,
                                           palaces ad colorful market places
       Deeg Fort

Fairs and Festivals:
        Brij Festival                :  March
        Gangaur                       :  March-April
        Teej Fair                      :  July – Aug
        Jaswant                        :  Sept-Oct
                                                Laxmi Villas Place
                                                Golbagh Palace
                                                Govind Niwas
                                                Chandra Mahal Havelli
                                                Bharatpur Forest Lodge
                                                RTDC\ ITDC HOTEL , Saras Rly St.
                                                Midway, Near Bus Stand, Deeg

                                                Park Palace, Pratap Palace, Shanti Kutir,
                                                Sun Bird, Tourist complex, Saras,
                                                Bharatpur Forest Lodge, RTDC Hotel,
                                                Eagle Nest Hotel, Circuit House,
                                                Hotel Sunbird, Hotel Pelican

Guide Services:
                                                Hotel Saras(RTDC), Forest Rest House,
                                                Dy.Director, Wildlife

Conducted Tours:
                                                Mini bus approved by Forest Rest House

Bhartapur is world famous for the Keoladeo Bird Sanctury. Visitors from various countries often visit the place to have a view of migrated birds among which Siberian cranes are the special attraction.