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BUNDI (an ancient Rajput town)

General information -
Location : 36 km from Kota
Known for : Step wells and tanks
Climate : Summer 43 °C – 35C,
Winter 30C - 5° C ,
Rainfall (about) 75 cms.
Wear :
Summer – Light Tropical
Winter - Light woollen
Language : Hindi, English, Rajasthani
Best season : September to March
By Air : Nearest airport Jaipur (206 km)
Rail : Well connected with Kota (36 km), Chittaurgarh, Agra, Nimach, Kota
By Road : Bundi is well connected by road to all cities within Rajasthan,
regular bus service from Delhi, Indore, Jaipur.
Tourist Taxis: : from Jaipur and Kota.
and buses
Shopping Areas : Main market (still maintain its medival look)
Shopping Articles : Cotton carpets, famous Kota painting and Kota Doria sarees, lac
bangles, wooden toys, stone statues, colorful Odhanis
Fair & Festivals
Tejaji Fair (Dungari) : dedicated to the folk deity Tejaji, lasts for five days
(Sept., Oct)
Keshav Rai Patan Fair : held on Kartik Poornima and devotees take a holy dip in river
Chambal to worship Keshav Raj ji, celebration continues for ten
Kajli Teej (Jul.-Aug.)
Accommodation -
Bundi Tourist Palace,
Diamond Hotel,
Sukh Mehal Rest house
Major attractions –
Bundi Durg - Also known as the Star Fort, built in 1411A.D Rao Raja Bar Singhh. Located on thickly wooded hill this palace is known for its unique
(Taragarh Palace) construction.
The Garh Palace – One of the finest examples of Rajput architecture.
Ratan Daulat – built by Rao raja Ratan Singh, forms stable for nine horses and elephants. Royal marble throne is the main attraction
Chitrashala – A gallery for the miniature murals of the palace. Paintings on the wall depicts Radha-Krishna story.
Nawal Sagar - square artificial lake, a temple dedicated to Varuna stands submerged in the center of lake.
Chhatra Mahal - built by Maharaja Shatrusal Singh Ji, include Hazari Pol gate of thousand),
the Naubat Khana, the Hathi Pol (having old water clock), Diwam- e-Khaas
Rani Ji Ki Baori – fine example of step – well, famous for the beautiful carved panels of Dasha Avtar( ten Incarnation).
Jait Sagar Lake – beautiful lake built by Jaita Meena, consist of the attractions of Terrace Garden and Smriti Kunj.
Sukh Mahal - Famous as Palace of Bliss, Palace where Rudyard Kipling stayed when visited Bundi , constructed during the period of Rao Raja Vishnu Singh.
Shikar Burj - earlier a royal hunting lodge but now a beautiful picnic spot.
Ramgarh (Game sanctuary)
84 Pillared Cenotaphs – built in the year 1683 by Rao Anirudh Singh, located in the south of the town. Besides Canotoph the temple of Shiva Linga is also respected by the devotees.

Surrounded by Aravalli hills on the three sides, Bundi is famous for its attractive palaces, temples, havellis, chattris and others. These are famous for their fine and beautiful craftwork Painting in color scheme of red,golden and blue is famous all over the world.


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