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Saturday, December 18, 2010

Mohar Magri (Hill of Gold Coins):

This mound was raised by Akbar in 1557, while he lay seize over Chittaurgarh. It is named so because Akbar paid one mohar (gold coin) for each basketful of earth placed on the mound, as it was a very dangerous work to be accomplished in front of the soldiers guarding the ramparts from above. The mound was raised to such a height that the Mughal cannons could be placed over it and fired inside the fort.

Other important places within the ramparts are, the Tulja Bhawani temple, the tutelary goddess of the scribes, temple of Annapurna, the Naulakha Bhandar or nine lakh treasury; Singar Chauri, Depicting inscription dating back to 1448 AD and Satbis-Deori, in ancient Jain temple, etc.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Customary festival of Rajasthan - Ganguar

Ganguar is the traditional festival of Rajasthan. This festival is celebrated in the month of April-May. It is basically the festival of maidens and married women and is dedicated to Goddess Gauri, the incarnation of Goddess Parvati. It is celebrated with great excitement, pomp and gaiety. It lasts for about 16 days in which various customs are practiced and on the last day the enthusiasm of the women is likely to be observed. Women dress in their best costumes and jewellery. Colorful processions are taken out with the wooden images of Gauri, beautifully decorated and bejeweled . Maidens expects to blessed to have a desired husband while women pray for the long life of their husband. The town band is played and women sing and dance to its tunes. The erstwhile Maharawal also joins the procession.

Tuesday, January 05, 2010


This sanctuary is situated in the West Indian state of Rajasthan and spread in Jaisalmer and Barmer districts of Rajasthan covering an area of about 3100 This is one of the largest national parks in India. There are about 72 villages located in the park. The nearest station is Jaisalmer and it can be approached both by train and by road from Jodhour city. Air services via Jodhpur – Jaisalmer – Jaipur are also available during winter. The other nearest city is Barmer that is about 150 km from Jaisalmer. Jaisalmer has now become a very popular tourist destination. The famous SAM that is the sand dunes is at the border of desert national park. The Akal wood fossil park at the Akal village is also controlled by DNP.

This park has a tremendous potential to develop itself as a tourist spot. A wonderful example of the ecosystem of the Thar Desert could be experienced here. The fauna found here have their own attraction. Besides this the bird life is also spectacular in this sandy region. The birds that are found in this region is: -
• The great Indian Bustard (GIB)(most famous endangered spieces of India)
• Gray partridge
• Quail
• Desert courser
• Tawny Eagle
• Spotted Eagle
• Hawks

Mammals:-over 60 species of mammals have been recorded- Chinkara, Blue Bull (Rozara), Desert cat, Desert Fox, Jackal, Wolf, Hare etc. are the appealing one.

The park is an important tourist centre for the wildlife lovers. The natural beauty of SAM sand dunes and wood fossil park at Akal attracts not only a large number of Indian but foreign tourists also.

Thursday, December 31, 2009

Chittaurgarh (The Citadel of Valour & Romance)

General information :

Famous as         :   The Citadel of Valour & Romance ; The City Of
Location            :  Eastern Rajasthan , 135km from Jaipur
                                 (southwest )
Temperature    :  Summer - 23.8 °C - 43.8°C,
                                 Winter - 11.6 °C - 28.3 °C,
                                 Rainy Season – 60-80 cm. (June- August)
Clothing             :  Summer – Light cotton clothes,
                                 Winter – Woolens
Language          :   Rajasthani, Hindi, English
Best Season       :   September to March
to Visit


By air                      :   Nearest airport is at Udaipur (Debok Airport),
                                      (Well connected to Jaipur, Delhi , Mumbai and
By Train                :   well connected to Delhi,Jaipur,Ajmer,
                                      Ahmedabad, Jodhpur, Udaipur, Kota and
                                     Bundi.Railway station centrally located.
By road                  :   well connected to the main cities including                                       Indore and Ahmedabad. Regular services
                                      are available from main cities of Rajasthan


Places to see:

   The Fort -    one of the most outstanding forts of the Country
                          and is indeed the pride of Rajasthan. It is believed
                         to be built by the Maurya Empire.

   Kirti stambh ( Tower of Fame) -   22m high. It is dedicated to
                         Adinath ( the first Jain Tirthankar)

   Jaya Stambh (Tower of Victory)-    Constructed between 1458-
                         1468 by Rana Kumbha.The tower commemorates
                         the victory of Rana Kumbha over Mahmud Khilji
                          of Malwa.

    Padmini Place -   It is said that this is the same palace where
                         Alauddin was permitted to see the glimpse of Rani
                          Padmini (as the reflection in the mirror).

     Nagari -   famous township of Mauryan Era on the bank of river
                         Bairach, one of the oldest town of Rajasthan.

    Government Museum -   This is the Prakash Mahal that has been
                          turned into museum Temples and buildings in the
                          fort displays superb example of sculptures.
    Meera Temple  


    Sitamata Sanctuary -   spread over Aravalli hills and the Malwa.
                         A number of fauna as Sambhar, nilgai, leopard, wild
                          boar,hyena, jungle fox etc. could be sighted here.
                         The exclusive fauna seen here is the flying

    Menal (90 km) -   renowned as ‘Mini Khajauraho’. Looks
                         beautiful due to the nature’s beauty, waterfalls,
                         forests and ancient temples.

    Deogarh (125km) -    Famous for the murals of the palaces and
                         Jain temples.

    Gotmeshwar (130km) –    Lord’s Shiva ancient temple along with
                         other temples.

    Bassi Wildlife Sanctuary –    near Bassi village covers an area of
                         about 50 kms.


  Famous articles-

              -   The handicraft items made in this region, are very
               - Wooden painted toys,Thewa gold jewellery, Akola printed                          fabrics, leather juttees (made in Gangrar)
              -   Handmade Paper of Gosunda (about 20 kms)

  Shopping Place

                The main shopping center are Sadar Bazar
                Rana Sanga Market, Gandhi Chowk, Station circle.

                Hotel Panna, Chetak Hotel, Melody ,
                Rituraj Vatika, Meera Hotel.

Government :
         Circuit house ,
         Dak Banglow
         RTDC Hotel Panna

Heritage hotels :
         Castle Bijaipur,
         Bassi Fort Palace,

Moderate :
         Padmini Palace
         Pratap Palace ,
         Shalimar, Gaurav

Other :
         NataRaj Tourist Hotel , Hotel Alok,
         Hotel Anand, Bhagawati, Swagat,
         Hotel Keshav, Hotel Sanwariya,
         Meera Guest House, Hotel Ruchika.

Dharamsalas :
         Tulsi, Jain, Birla,
         Maheshwari, Sanwariya,

Chittorgarh ‘the town of brave’ was the capital of “Mewar”, the former Rajput state. Many of the great historic personalities as Maharana Pratap, Rana Kumbha, Meera Bai, Panna Dhai, Rani Padmini have been originated here. Besides that its fort which is situated atop of a hill represents its glorious past. It is also known for the marble industry, Cement plant and also for the industrial materials.

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

PUSHKAR (The Abode of Lord Brahma) Distt. Ajmer (Raj.)

Pushkar, the picturesque pilgrim city, nestles the majestic Aravali hills. It is just 11 km from Ajmer and a driven from Ajmer to Pushkar is quite

General information:

Famous as         :   The Abode of Lord Brahma, Main Pilgrimage
Location            :   Western part of Rajasthan, Ajmer District, 140 km
                                 from Jaipur.
Temperature    :  Summer -25.0°C – 45.0°C,
                                 Winter- 22.0°C – 8.0°,
                                 Rainy Season – Mid Sept (very Humid)
Clothing             :  Summer – Light cotton clothes,
                                 Winter – Light Woolens
Language          :   Rajasthani, Hindi, English
Best Season       :   September to March
to Visit

Travel :
By air                      :   Nearest Airport Jaipur.
By Train                :   Nearest Railway station is Ajmer                                       (connected to metro cities of India).
By road                  :   Nearest station Ajmer (11 Km from main                                       bus stand), Comfortable buses available                                       from Jaipur, well connected with main cities.
Local                      :   Car could be hired to reach Pushkar.
Transport             Bicycle is the best option to get around the place.

Places to see:
         Shri Brahma Temple, Warah Temple, Saraswati Temple
         Apteshwar Mahadeo Temple,Savitri Temple,
         Temple of Rangji, Man Mahal, Pushkar Palace
         Pushkar Lake ( Pushkar Ghat)
         Mandore Garden (former capital of Maharajas of Marwar)

Other nearest places are :      Merta (Meera Bai Temple)

      Kishangarh  - Famous for its miniature paintings (Bani Thani).
                                The place is well known for the rich store of marbles.

      Kuchaman      - Known for the Kuchaman Fort. A number of
                                 miniature paintings of Meera Bai could be seen in the
                                fort. Another attraction here is the Lok Dev Temple
                                      that comprises the wonderful paintings
                                     of Lok Devtas.

      Roopangarh Fort  – attractive fort with beautiful architecture,
                                      royal armories, battlements and many more.
                                     Partly converted into heritage hotel.

  Famous articles-
              -   Pottery, Glass lamps, Rajasthani Puppets, textiles,
              -   Embroided Fabrics, Jewellery, wall hangings,
              -   leather goods (shoulder bags), bangles,
              -   Rajasthani Turbans and many other.

  Shopping Place
                Shopping is a delightful experience during the Pushkar Fair,
Main shopping areas in the town are:-  Hope Circus, Baza Bazar, Sarafa
                Bazar, Malakhera Bazar, Keedalganj Bazar

Fairs and Festivals:
         PUSHKAR FAIR (Oct- Nov) :-
         This most important event of the region begins annually on the
         holy day of Kartik Poornima (full moon in Oct-Nov) and lasts
         for 12 days.Pushkar comes to life during the fair and the
         environment is truly electrifying .

Deluxe :
         Pushkar Resort,
         Pushkar Villas Resort

Heritage hotels and resorts :
         Hotel Pushkar Palace, Welcome Heritage
         Gulaab Niwaas Palace, Hotel Sarovar.

Three star Hotel :
         Hotel the park city,
         Hotel Jagat Singh Palace.

Budget :
         Hotel New Park,
         Prafful Palace.

Luxury tent :
         Rajasthan Royal Desert Camp,
         Royal Safari Camp,
         Royal Camp,

Other :
         Lake view, OM, Surya Shanti Resorts,
         RTDC, Pushkar Inn, Navratan Palace,
         Hotel Teerth Palace, Shyama Resort.

         Facilities of camping are made available by the RTDC/
         Private camping are also available.

Pushkar is famous for the cattle fair and the auspicious ‘Pushkar fair’. This is the only city in India where ‘Brahma’ temple could be found.

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Sawai Madhopur (Gateway To Ranthambore Forests)

General information:

Founded By       :   Madho Singh II
Location              :   Southwest end of Rajasthan (767 km from Delhi,
                                 326 km from Jodhpur)
Famous as          :   Gateway to the Tiger’s Den
Temperature    :  Summer -23.0 °C – 37.0°C,
                                 Winter- 9.0°C – 29.0°C,
                                 Rainy Season – very humid about 68 cms (July –
                                 mid September)
Clothing             :  Summer – Light cotton clothes,
                                 Winter – Light Woolens
Language          :   Rajasthani, Hindi, English
Best Season       :   October to March
to Visit

By air             :   Nearest airport Jaipur (about 165 km)
By Rail           :   Has Railway station of its own. Sawai Madhopur                                 lies on the Delhi – Mumbai line. Well connected
                               with Jaipur and other nearer centres.
By road          :   It is well connected to major cities as Agra ( 226                                   km ), Delhi ( 434 km), Jaipur (176 km ) by road.
Local               :   There is a direct link between Jaipur and
                              Sawai Madhopur via Tonk and via Dausa.

Places to see:
         Ranthambhor National Park – Majestic Tiger Reserves. Chital,
              Nilgai, Chinkara, Langur peafowl etc.
               could also be seen here.
         Fort – Ganesh Temple situated here attracts a lot of devotees.

        Amareshwar Mahadeo Temple, Trinetra Ganesha Temple,
        Chauth Mata Temple, Kakod and Hathi Bhata, Shri Mahaveerji
        Temple, Toran Dwar
Rural areas around Sawaimadhopur: Siwad - ( It is 3 Kms. From the
         Isarda railway station and famous for the Dushmeshwar
         Mahadeo Temple of Lord Shiva. There is also an
         Impressive fort atop a hill.
Rameshwaram( 60 Km.)- The sacred site on the Confluence
         of Banas and Chambal Rivers
Kaila Devi: It is set on the banks of Kalisil river
          (about 23 kms.from Karauli.)

  Famous articles-
              -   Bandhani and Lahariya, block printed textile,
              -   metal handicraft, antique furniture, carpets,
              -   wooden articles, silver Jewellery
              -   along with ethnic ornaments.

Fairs and Festivals:
         Ganesh Chaturthi- Aug- Sept.,
         Chauth Mata Fair, Kalyanji Fair, Shiv Ratri Fair,
         Kaila Devi : A colourful fair April-May & Navratras.
         Shri Mahaveerji.

Famous Cuisine : Kababs, Laddoo, Lachha Parantha, Kachori.

Deluxe :

Heritage hotels and resorts :
         Hotel Castle Jhoomer Baori,
         Nahargarh Fort,,
         Vinayvilas Resort.

Budget :
         Hammir Wildlife Resort, Ankur Resort,
         Anurag Resort, Hill View Resort,
         Aranya Resort, Tiger Safari Resort
         Sawai Madhopur Lodge, RTDC, Vinayak Tourist Complex.

Other :
         Tiger Moon,
         Mansarover, Vishal, Pareek,
         Pink Palace, Mayur, Chinkara.

The historic town lies 180 Kms. North-east of Jaipur amid Vindhyas and Aravali ranges and is more popular as the Gateway to the famous Ranthambhor National Park., the well known tiger reserve.