Tuesday, November 28, 2006


ENERGY LOCATIONS OF RAJASTHAN Although Rajasthan is famous for its Art, culture and history all over the world, but it has engraved its name in the region of modern technology also. It has been a center for many energy tests. Rawatbhata near Kota has been a place where two Atomic reactors were built. These reactors were based on the Canadian design. These reactors have started its production in 1972 and 1980 respectively. It has created a new chapter in Rajasthan’s history for which Rajasthan could feel proud of. Previously Kota was a part of Bundi State. It was situated on river Chambal. It became an independent princely state in 1624. Kota has been a region where development was continuously occurring. It became a famous centre for major Industries, which include Oil, Textiles, Paper, Matchsticks, Precision- instruments, electric cable and rubber. At present it has achieved an important place as Rajasthan's major commercial and industrial center. The credit of this achievement goes to the electric power also that has been provided by the atomic plants and the Chambal dam. Thus Kota along with its artistic popularity is also famous for energy plants and industries. Due to these industries it also gives a great support to the nation economy. Another place which is memorable for every layman of Rajasthan in Pokhran. This small town is located 106 Km. from the Jaisalmer town. It lies in the heart of the Thar Desert. This place came into world fame on 18th May 1974. As this place has been chosen for India's first underground nuclear device explosion. Although the explosion has many adverse effect on the living world but this explosion took place 100 mts. below the earth's surface. Therefore the Pokhran’s soft sandy soil effectively sealed off the negative effects of radioactive gases that explode out during the huge explosion and thus there was no harm to animals or human life. Before this event Pokhran was only a sleepy, dusty and little known town. But this small desert town became world famous due to this energy test. This place was so suitable for this event that after 24 years again it was in news due to the second energy test. In 1998 Indian scientists have decided to explode three nuclear devices here. Thus Rajasthan has provided the places, which were helpful in nation’s development and due to these experiments it has also engraved its own name in Indian history.


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